Strive for thriving when ever possible

A survivor can thrive if we hold on to the knowledge there are so many of us.

My search is finding fellow survivors who understand the taboo and isolation at times.

Survivors who no longer wanting to live as though wev’e done a criminal act, which society has often pointed the finger. Painting all survivors with the same brush a posing blame. How can a child be blamed?

People who could think that way need to clean their thought system up. I strongly recommend get help.

Including the perpetrator of teenage rapeiest saying the old cliche “I thought she was older, She lied about her age etc..

Excuse me what about ASKING A PERSONS AGE.. I could talk for hours regarding these sad excuses.

I once worked in schools out reaching on behalf of Rape Crisis I was very new to the work. Which was about raising sexual awareness. Young girls believed they had to have sex as though it was there duty to please or keep their boy friend. I was so shocked at some of our young peoples mind set. The enormity of the pressure they were under.

Some of the schools were clearly letting their students down by not providing clear defined boundaries on sex education i.e. S.T.D most importantly relationships awareness and an overal awareness of such educational considerations.

Our SOCIETY our COMMUNITY not wanting to accept these horrors ( criminal offences ) happen by people who were suppose to PROTECT.

Such as survivors; parents, friends, colleagues. ALL people in a position of authority TRUST i.e teachers, social workers, family members all who may abused their position by abusing their power or influence on their Victim survivor.

The rejection makes the survivor suppress feelings which fester and may, cause psychological damage. Often feeling like they been targeted for life the perpetrator gets off lightly. Survivors having to remind authority there the survivors not the criminal.

A survivor may keep hiding ones abuse, unable to move forward fearing public reaction adding to our feelings of shame.

My personal experience is as soon as where honest about being a survivor of all abuse types, particularly sexual. Where usually rejected by friends, family, treat as though we are the mad. bad and mentally ill, worse treat like the criminal.

Some Lawyers tap into exploting a vulnerable survivor. Often promising justice, dangling carrots of possible high compensation. On the grounds a survivor will need it for long term care

All to keep them thriving, knowing the likely hood of prosecutions unlikely.

The other side NHS or Social Services and Police using the duty of care act. Making the abuser all the more feeling of unfairness of labelling etc.. Indirect suspicion of Collecting sensitive information of possible abusers etc.. The taboo survivors have been known to repeat the same crime on other victims.

Then usually this is why we fail to trust. We may then bury the pain for decades. Later show strange behaviour patterns like hoarding ritual i.e COD symptoms of PTSD anxiety, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks etc.

As survivors we want to be surrounded by thriving survivors no longer breaking down on testing days feeling a lone. When old wounds surface from no where from time to time.

I want to build lasting friendships that provide safety and social interaction with fellow survivors who are there to support on those days.

Also aim to build a network where by their is a positive safe social network for people to mix and participate in social activities, whether on a one to one or group basis. In the same way hopefully all beginning to thrive like all people should do.

Quality time spent participating in healthy fun activities. Looking forward to ending my days finding peace a sense of belonging and happiness.

Living a healthy life as possible psycholigically and physically with understanding and with compassion.